Mentoring + Counseling programs

I am so excited to announce in January 2021 we are introducing our mentoring and counseling programs. Why? Because we found there’s such a need for teens to have role models, positive influencers, real, raw and relatable conversation about real life issues. And so … because of that need, we’re introducing our mentors and counselors all of November and December!

Find out how you can have a teen in your life be a part of our mentoring or counseling programs. You can do one, or the other or both. What are they?

Our counseling program is where we’ve partnered with four counselors who will support teens for counseling sessions. And guess what? build her a bridge will pay for it? That’s right. So your family doesn’t have to worry about a bill, or wrestle with paying for groceries or a counselor bill. Send us an email at if you want your teen girl to have a counselor.

Our mentoring program is the BHAB mentor/mentee program where teen girls are paired up with a mentor for 12 months. We have seven amazing women wanting to provide leadership, guidance, a listening ear, wisdom and connection to your teen. Send us an email at so we can get some information from you and a registration link.

We are excited for what’s to come in 2021!


If you’re wondering how you could help build her a bridge, please consider partnering with us. Whether that’s prayer, time, donations or spreading the word, we’ve got some amazing things happening even during the time of the pandemic, stay at home orders, schools closed the rest of the year and more! We’re doing some amazing things with teen girls and mental health. And we NEED YOU! Tax deductible. Receipt emailed back to you within 24 hours.

link below:

Mental illness + African Americans + Teens = Suicide

Statistics are showing the numbers have increased daily.

There are many factors for this, such as poor diet, sleep issues and deprivation, not having access to therapists and counselors. Unfortunately, we will only see these numbers increase. Between the riots and protesting, the events taking place in today’s world, name changes of syrups and NFL teams, there’s so much evolving, so much is changing, so much is inconsistent. 

Something needs to happen and bring greater awareness of mental illness amongst African American teen girls. I’m excited to see what all build her a bridge can do, partnering with other organizations as well. We don’t want any teen to struggle because of the lack of resources, lack of access to things that should freely be given to them. 

Stay tuned …

News, las noticias, nouvelles,nyuus

Whatever language I’m saying it in, I’m shouting it from the rooftops; build her a bridge has so many things going on and I cannot wait to share. So … I’m sharing right now.

build her a bridge has partnered with NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness) to put together self care boxes with items inside girls are able to use. Inside of these items will be specific things such as hand lotions and bath bombs, hand sanitizer and fuzzy socks, sleep masks, key fobs, coupons for smoothies and Planet Fitness all to encourage the whole girl. If the whole girl is slightly off, then she’s not whole anymore. We’ve got the thirty-one, NAMI, Downtown Franklin Rotary, Centerstone Church in Columbia, and the elite team of crisis intervention team from the Franklin Police Department helping with this too. Gosh this is so exciting. Items are being collected as we speak and launching May 1st since it’s Mental Health Awareness Month. And we’re not gonna stop just because it’s May. This will keep going …

Also excited about the girls conference taking place Saturday August 29th 9:30-12:30p at Gateway Community Church. Below is a link to purchase tickets …

You don’t want to miss this, it’s an opportunity to get together for some girl chat, some real chat with amazing speakers talking about things like confidence and body positivity, mental awareness, faith over fear, being a minority in a majority and we’ll have not one but two amazing speakers who are young women talking about their suicide attempts and the raw reality of it. 

Then … we also have a television project we’ve been filming. It has been so fun, the guest speakers we’ve had on were amazing. The girls are given a platform to talk and express themselves and what goes on in their world freely and openly. It’s been a lot of fun to be part of this. 

And as if it didn’t get any better, Top Buttons Nashville and build her a bridge are collaborating for a fun girl summit this Fall 2020. Stay tuned for more info …


Vision for Living

Gosh 2020 is here and we’re already 11 days in! What can I say? You’ve definitely brought a lot of clarity and vision, excitement and fear of the unknowns. 2019 was definitely a year of the ball rolling on some things, new projects on the horizon, light at the end of the tunnel. But 2020…. Yes I’m ready to conquer YOU!

Vision boards, purging, and changing my attitude. It’s all up to ME!

Excited to say, build her a bridge and Transformed4more ministry presents “Vision for Living” a 2020 conference for girls 10+, which means middle and high schoolers, youth leaders and pastors, parents, guidance counselors, ANYONE & EVERYONE! You won’t want to miss this. An opportunity to hear great music, breakout sessions, listen to some amazing guest speakers, enjoy a yogurt bar, shop the merch tables and get a swag bag too!

Purchase tickets soon! You will not want to miss this!


The holidays are coming up, what an exciting time we are in. Once we put away or throw away the Christmas trees, throw the last bit of tinsel in the trash and wrap the last ornament in its proper place. We can finally kick back, and relax to an un-Christmas themed home yet wait ….

New Years Eve is coming.

We’re approaching a New Year. Bring on the anxiety. Not only is it a new decade, but it’s 20/20. What does those numbers remind you of? To me, it reminds me of vision. Clear and perfect vision. Tune in for more and hear my heart on the vision for this ministry, the vision and direction I see for the young girls and what you can do to set yourself apart this new year. 

can i have your attention please?!

Soooooo excited about this and there will be more info to come. But Tue. May 7th we’re launching a YouTube radio program for girls by girls. I can tell you the launch date and not much else but I can tell you this. It’s going to be life changing. We’ll have some amazing guest speakers who are mothers, entrepreneurs, educators, nonprofit business folk, ministers coming to impart something to our viewers and the hosts! The hosts are the girls ages tween to twenty (hint hint)!!!! Cannot wait to share more details with you and that time will come soon. But please keep this ministry in your prayers. We’ve got a platform to make a difference in young women and cannot wait to do this!