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Whatever language I’m saying it in, I’m shouting it from the rooftops; build her a bridge has so many things going on and I cannot wait to share. So … I’m sharing right now.

build her a bridge has partnered with NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness) to put together self care boxes with items inside girls are able to use. Inside of these items will be specific things such as hand lotions and bath bombs, hand sanitizer and fuzzy socks, sleep masks, key fobs, coupons for smoothies and Planet Fitness all to encourage the whole girl. If the whole girl is slightly off, then she’s not whole anymore. We’ve got the thirty-one, NAMI, Downtown Franklin Rotary, Centerstone Church in Columbia, and the elite team of crisis intervention team from the Franklin Police Department helping with this too. Gosh this is so exciting. Items are being collected as we speak and launching May 1st since it’s Mental Health Awareness Month. And we’re not gonna stop just because it’s May. This will keep going …

Also excited about the girls conference taking place Saturday August 29th 9:30-12:30p at Gateway Community Church. Below is a link to purchase tickets …

You don’t want to miss this, it’s an opportunity to get together for some girl chat, some real chat with amazing speakers talking about things like confidence and body positivity, mental awareness, faith over fear, being a minority in a majority and we’ll have not one but two amazing speakers who are young women talking about their suicide attempts and the raw reality of it. 

Then … we also have a television project we’ve been filming. It has been so fun, the guest speakers we’ve had on were amazing. The girls are given a platform to talk and express themselves and what goes on in their world freely and openly. It’s been a lot of fun to be part of this. 

And as if it didn’t get any better, Top Buttons Nashville and build her a bridge are collaborating for a fun girl summit this Fall 2020. Stay tuned for more info …


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