Mentoring + Counseling programs

I am so excited to announce in January 2021 we are introducing our mentoring and counseling programs. Why? Because we found there’s such a need for teens to have role models, positive influencers, real, raw and relatable conversation about real life issues. And so … because of that need, we’re introducing our mentors and counselors all of November and December!

Find out how you can have a teen in your life be a part of our mentoring or counseling programs. You can do one, or the other or both. What are they?

Our counseling program is where we’ve partnered with four counselors who will support teens for counseling sessions. And guess what? build her a bridge will pay for it? That’s right. So your family doesn’t have to worry about a bill, or wrestle with paying for groceries or a counselor bill. Send us an email at if you want your teen girl to have a counselor.

Our mentoring program is the BHAB mentor/mentee program where teen girls are paired up with a mentor for 12 months. We have seven amazing women wanting to provide leadership, guidance, a listening ear, wisdom and connection to your teen. Send us an email at so we can get some information from you and a registration link.

We are excited for what’s to come in 2021!

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