A.C.T. Artist in Christian Testimony Int’l

*the absolute reason why we’re non profit today is because of them. They believed in my ministry, believed I can do all things through Christ and was accepted in their family of other non profit ministries and organizations who put God first. So excited for the next steps and partnership with A.C.T.

Downtown Franklin Rotary 

*have been so gracious and kind to build her a bridge collecting items and supplies to go in to self care boxes for young girls dealing with anxiety, depression, suicide, cutting, PTSD, sexual abuse, foster and adoption. We want these boxes to be gentle reminders and an inspiration to them to feel they are not alone and they can overcome hard things. Most importantly, the items in the boxes are things they can use that belong to them and they’re able to use. 

New Hope Academy

*I have personally been blessed by this amazing Christian school in Franklin, Tennessee with an economical, diverse and cultural student body. It is a Pre-K through 6th grade student body serving a majority of low income families, but they have a heart for God, a passion to serve, and equipping out students for greater things. They believe that racial reconciliation exists and strive to create that atmosphere for their students and staff. Sophia, my daughter and a current student there said this, “it’s the worship, the devotions, the diversity, the teachers are the best. It’s just a great school!”

Lifeway Christian Stores

*have had the absolutely honor of our girls ministry meeting here once a week. From the cashiers to the greeters to the managers, they are ALL amazing. They welcome each girl, never mind them running around the store or asking questions about the store. The only reason they’re even allowed to run in the store is when there’s a game where they need to find books, games or CD’s or the title to it and requires assistance. And the Lifeway crew never minds being bothered one bit. They are amazing, and the one by our house is opening a coffee shop inside!

Mpact Sports Center

*Mpact is a gymnastics facility that hosts gymnastics, dance, martial arts, open gym,  tumbling classes and so much more. We have been a part of Mpact for some time now but now excited we are able to spend an hour of our time there on Friday nights before hanging out after for the Open Gym 2.0. The owners are amazing and hands on and are always around, the facility is nice and large with ample parking and the coaches they have there are amazing!

Church of the City

*It is the place we call home and have for over four years now. We attend Church of the City with over five locations in middle Tennessee and one in NYC. It’s a church that is intentional with building relationships and partnerships with foster and adopted families, the atmosphere is always great with many people from all ages, and the worship is unbelievable. It is like going to a concert with lights and bands, but it’s more than that. And there are so many classes and missional community groups to connect one to another.


*is providing an outfit for the creator’s daughter on the night of the launch party. They will also be in attendance for our launch party with a vendor table and showing off their beautiful outfits specifically for girls and juniors. Visit their website at

*has given a financial donation to our ministry and we are so thankful. They will also have be in attendance for our back to school bash and sharing what backpackper is and at our launch party. Go check them out, such a creative way to keep all records, school, medical, art portfolios all in one convenient place. Go check out their page at

Untethered Ministries

*a great music band who’s audience is for youth and young adults. Singers and musicians and a great talent. We are excited build her a bridge gets to hear them worship and perform with us. Check out their Instagram page at untetheredministries

Freedom Reigns Ranch

*an amazing organization and a faith based mentorship ministry. They assist special needs children and pairs them up with a horse teaching them the care, maintenance and riding instruction. Check out their Instagram page a freedomreignsranch. They will have a vendor table and we hope to even see Freedom, (the horse) at our September launch party. What a great surprise that would be!