The holidays are coming up, what an exciting time we are in. Once we put away or throw away the Christmas trees, throw the last bit of tinsel in the trash and wrap the last ornament in its proper place. We can finally kick back, and relax to an un-Christmas themed home yet wait ….

New Years Eve is coming.

We’re approaching a New Year. Bring on the anxiety. Not only is it a new decade, but it’s 20/20. What does those numbers remind you of? To me, it reminds me of vision. Clear and perfect vision. Tune in for more and hear my heart on the vision for this ministry, the vision and direction I see for the young girls and what you can do to set yourself apart this new year. 

can i have your attention please?!

Soooooo excited about this and there will be more info to come. But Tue. May 7th we’re launching a YouTube radio program for girls by girls. I can tell you the launch date and not much else but I can tell you this. It’s going to be life changing. We’ll have some amazing guest speakers who are mothers, entrepreneurs, educators, nonprofit business folk, ministers coming to impart something to our viewers and the hosts! The hosts are the girls ages tween to twenty (hint hint)!!!! Cannot wait to share more details with you and that time will come soon. But please keep this ministry in your prayers. We’ve got a platform to make a difference in young women and cannot wait to do this!

words for 2019

Have there ever been words that jump out at you; for a season, for a second, a word that is the breathe of God completely for you, written for you, given to you and only you. And in a special moment, you receive that lightbulb “aha!” moment where that word jumps back at you and you have an epiphany, a dejavue. I’ve always been told there’s never such as a thing as a de ja vue it’s simply you being in the right place at the right time under God’s orchestrated timing. And that, I do certainly believe.

I’ve been praying and asking God for my word for 2019. Last year my fall and winter word was three letters, simple letters with a huge impact: joy. j o y. JOY! No matter how you say it and no matter how many times you repeat it, it’s still joy. I’ve walked in my purpose for that word to have meaning in my life and now I’m seeking a word for 2019.

I think I’ve found it … I’m not too sure but I love the way it sounds, I love the meaning and God gave it to me in a moment with he and I. So perhaps it’s the word of the day, the month or this particular season. And that word is, intentional! Gah! that word, oh me/oh my. I love it. I believe Travis Greene also wrote a song with the same word. But my prayer has been simple, God let everything I do, and who I minister to, and who comes across my path, let me be intentional in my relationship with them, with you, with my kids, and with my family and friends.

What’s your word for 2019? Pray on it. Ponder on it. Papa will speak to you.

End of the year donations

There’s still time? Time for what you may ask? No, not browsing the aisles at the mall, or clicking away on Amazon. But there’s still time to turn in your end of the year tax donation. And there’s no better place to donate your money than to build her a bridge. Our girls group is doing amazing things throughout Nashville and the surrounding cities, partnering with other nonprofit organizations, and creating an atmosphere in ourselves to connect with one another, connect with God, and connect with the community.

We’re excited that our co-creator, Sophia, has some cool ideas for new merch, a new radio program launching in May, and a 20/20 conference we’re planning for girls and their caregiver. And these things cost money, and need your support to make a difference!

Wanna give?!Yessss!!!!! log on to the safe and secure website of my partners at Artist in Christian Testimony. The website is actintl.givingfuel.com/build-her-a-bridge. Type in your information and the amount you’d like to give. It could be a one time gift or a monthly gift …. you choose. And within 24 hours you’ll get your tax donation receipt. Just like that. It’s easy, it’s simple, it’s safe and it’ll make a difference. Just a reminder, build her a bridge is a 501(c)3 !!!!

looking forward to 2019

There are so many amazing things happening next year. God has truly opened up so many doors, it’s unreal. I can’t wait to share with you fans and followers and supporters and prayer warriors, those who believed in this ministry from Day 1. 2019 will be here in less than a month, and I will take it. Bring it on 2019. I’m comin’ for you. We’re going to change some things, shake some things up, create some things that’s never been done and leave a lasting legacy for youth girls in my city, state, country and across the world.

5 fold ministry of build her a bridge

The last few days I attended The Gathering 2018 for Artist in Christian Testimony and it was amazing. After prayer, direction, networking, conferencing, crying … I’ve got further clarification that I know exactly how I’m praying God can lead this girls ministry. Not by power, not by might but by my spirit says the Lord. And he gave me the names, whispered them to me, the five fold ministry for build her a bridge. And I want to share it with you;

discipling, empowering, equipping, inspiring, and motivating. 

And they all have an “ing” at the end because its active, it’s something we will be doing daily. So glad I’ve got an entire team praying for build her a bridge, all the new and old friends who are partnering and joining with me on this wonderful journey of making a difference in the lives of young girls. Let’s do it!

hands + feet of Jesus, an amazing opportunity right in our own backyard

Below is a letter I just sent to all of our amazing and wonderful parents! I’m excited about this opportunity with Daughters of the King in Franklin, Tennessee. Won’t you pray for this nonprofit and all the lives who are blessed because of this ministry:

Hey parents,

build her a bridge has an amazing opportunity to be the hands and feet of Jesus. We will be partnering with them on two separate nights to feed food to families and individuals who are hungry, right in our backyards.

Daughter of the King presents Feed My Lambs, an opportunity on Thursdays from 6-7pm to feed those who are hungry. We always talk about being the hands and feet of Jesus and have prayed about an opportunity that was presented to me last week and I jumped at the opportunity. And those families we serve are not all homeless, they may even be a family we live right next door to. Pray about this opportunity for your daughter to attend. I know I can’t wait for Sophia to participate.!

If your daughter needs a ride or needs to be dropped off at my home, just send me a text so I can wait for her. We are to arrive at 5:30 and will leave promptly at 7pm. If they need a ride going and coming, just let me know.

If no ride is needed, the address is:

Bazelia Harris Community Life Center

263 Natchez St Franklin 37064

Dates we will serve are:

Nov. 8th and Nov. 15th

Thank you all so much for your prayers and having your girls attend ahead of time! I want our girls to see just how blessed they are.

Exciting announcement!

This news is a long time comin’. And by a long time I mean about two weeks. I’ve been holding something back but can now officially announce:

build her a bridge is a ministry is now a 501(c)3 a ministry of Artist in Christian Testimony. This wonderful and amazing umbrella nonprofit organization has paved the way for other nonprofit organizations to get their status, take care of all the reporting and filing and legality work and they’re just amazing. So I’m proud to announce, we are now NONPROFIT! Won’t he do it! Won’t God do it!


This is a public service announcement …

We’ve got some news for you. We are excited for a few things happening with our girls ministry. I announced on Instagram a few days ago we are now non profit. This is exciting in so many ways but this only means we’ll be able to reach a wider audience and partner with other churches and ministries.

Lastly we are putting together a PSA. My daughter and I felt compelled to help with Hurricane Michael victims.

Video coming soon ….

prayers and partnerships

Having a ministry is not easy. Having anything really that requires time and attention isn’t easy. There’s a lot that goes into it, a lot of time, dedication and love. I’m terrible at keeping plants in my house but I have two kids and two animals I take care of regularly. Why is that? I still haven’t quite figured it out because aren’t they the same? Plants and dogs need to be fed, watered, taken out in the sun and require time and attention in order to grow!

But just like plants, ministry also requires time and attention, needs to be fed and watered. It’s exciting when you pour your entire heart; blood, sweat and tears into something you believe in, are excited about and want to see in fruition the fruit of your labor. Our girls ministry is amazing and the girls I get to meet are amazingly wonderful and unique and silly and love life. And we’ve made lots of friends along the way.

Besides meeting throughout the city of Franklin, Tennessee we also have an amazing partnership with Mpact Sports Center. Mpact has a special place in my heart, my now 11 year old daughter and co-founder started gymnastics there and over time the owner and her husband have continued to grow their gymnastics facility. We will now meet there once a week during our social gathering time!

God orchestrates everything and he makes no mistakes. I’m so excited to have our girls in a happy, healthy and safe environment, and all of our girls are athletic, love the gym and cartwheels all with a Christian mission statement. Prayer and partnership go together like plants and pets.!